French Bistro, by Maria ZihammouYou probably saw my recent posts and tweets about my trip to France and my full immersion course in French food. So it was an odd coincidence when I arrived home and found a French bistro cookbook in my mail. Fresh off of one of the most gourmet experiences I’ve ever Read More →


It was late on a rainy Saturday and I was looking for something quick to throw together for dinner. I was craving Asian food but was still in my pajamas being lazy so I decided to use what veggies I had in the refrigerator and create an Asian noodle bowl. That’s the beauty of stir-frys, you Read More →

So this is somewhat of a follow up to my post on LIFE BALANCE. I came across this great article from Fast Company, Stop Accumulating Stuff And Start Accumulating Experiences. There’s a lot of extraneous information in the article (rambling IMHO) but the core message cannot be missed: by working so hard for stuff, we’re Read More →

There always seem to be foods that are so much better to eat out in a restaurant than to try to make at home. To me, that’s any kind of Asian food. But time after time, I keep trying to make stir-frys and curries and every time, I end up saying, “it’s so much better Read More →

It all stemmed from a recent text conversation with my son, a sophomore in college, and fierce perfectionist. He’s taking a difficult full course load and interning 12 hours a week. And he sings in the choir. And he rock climbs two or three days a week. And he has a social life. He was lamenting Read More →