I have a dirty little holiday secret. I don’t like being home on Christmas. I’m fortunate (insert sarcasm) to have my entire family, in-laws and all, living within a few miles of each other. I’ve sacrificed my Thanksgiving holiday by allowing the annual convergence of the families, but in recent years, I decided I was Read More →

This phrase right here had me hooked: “…offers extraordinary culinary journeys and experiences at the most luxurious hotels and resorts around the world.” Ummm…okay, when do we leave? Seriously, I love culinary travel and exploring new places…especially through food and wine.  Shortly after moving to Milan, I convinced my mother to come live with us Read More →

I love Wednesdays. Not because it’s hump day. Because it’s hog day. Every Wednesday, Black Hog Farm delivers my bounty of locally grown fresh produce directly to my front door. My farmer’s market now comes to me.  Being a Southern girl raising a (primarily) vegetarian Southern daughter, we eat a lot of vegetables. A LOT of vegetables. Read More →